Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10th

It is Sunday April 10th. Nothing really going on lately. It's been a boring week. Andrew and I are just patiently waiting until the day we can meet our little boy. Tomorrow morning I have a WIC appointment at 9:30 and also a doctor appointment at 2:30. YAY. I will be 24 weeks tomorrow. Viable life! 16 weeks seems like forever still... I don't have anything ready for the baby. I don't even know who's getting me the crib and bedding etc etc... My mother and grammy bought my sister her crib, so I'm assuming that they will do the same for me. Mother in law will get whatever for us.. I just want to figure it all out,  because HELLO we only have like 3 months left! The spare bedroom is still just that, spare and BARE. I want to paint and start the nursery but no, I can't do anything until I get stuff! and I won't get stuff until other people get it for me! I hate not being in control! Maybe I will just ask MIL to buy the crib right now and ask my mom just to get the bedding and a dresser whenever she feels like it. I tried to talk to her about it, but I didn't want to just be pushy and say yo are you getting me the crib and when? LOL But she didn't say much, she was like yeah we have to figure out when we are having the shower and all that. But left it at that. I am so anxious! Andrew also seems like he feels like we still have lots of time before the baby comes, he doesn't realize that we have to start doing shit NOW. The closet in the spare bedroom is filled with crap that we need to clean out and he's like oh I'll do that later.... Later? REALLY? It's not like I am not going to help out. I just want that room ready for my baby! I am so calm and people take advantage of that!!! Inside I am screaming to get ready. Everyone says, Oh Cortney won't mind if we take our time, she's so nice and understanding. Well yes I am but GOD it's so hard to be patient especially when I'm HAVING MY FIRST BABY! AHhh. I've been obsessing over HGTV lately so now I will say farewell and watch house hunters. HAHA. Good day!

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